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  • Light Em Up Entertainment (LME) began as a label idea while recording music on my brother’s studio equipment and my laptop in Jacksonville, Florida back in 2006. As time went on, the interest evolved to a larger scale to the point of event hosting and operations as a record label. I’ve never felt more into creating as so with putting together an original music project. At the time, I knew the challenges of finding a reliable studio to record in at a decent rate so I figure I'd take the initiative to give artists a break in the cost of quality recording.

  • The term "light em up" can be viewed basically as a way of enlightenment by means of music and events that illuminates the crowd via unforgettable experiences, new sounds, hospitality, and great atmosphere. Light Em Up Entertainment operates a recording label that doubles as an Entertainment Company, focusing on the distribution of dope music as well as being a major entity on the social scene hosting a variety of events such as parties, fundraisers, artist showcases, as well as a multitude of activities which interests diverse crowds. Loyalty is a big thing with this team and as long everyone commits, as a team we benefit. I know it will be a bit of a journey to get the company to its full potential but as long as hunger runs the game, I'm always ready to eat, now the question is… are you? Follow us and be sure to stay in the loop. it's about to be one hell of a ride...It's Light Em Up Ent, it's our time now or never.




The first step towards getting anywhere
Unity equals strength, when there's team
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